Nocked & Loaded is a full service professional archery, firearms, hunting and outdoor outfitter. Nocked & Locked offers full repair, adjustment and innovative bow tuning services. These services, just like our inventory is all in-house! Whether you need a new bow, a minor tune-up, major repairs, or just accessories and hunting gear or maybe a question answered, at Nocked & Loaded we are ready for you!


Firearms! Nocked and Loaded is ready. You will find all types of firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns from the everyday to truly exotic! Nocked and Loaded has all the services and accessories you'd expect from a premier outdoor outfitter! Come on by and let’s visit!

Nocked & Loaded is more than just a archery supplier. We know archery equipment from bows to back packs along with bow hunting, bow hunting leases and everything else you can think of to do with the sport of archery!


Firearms Instruction Texas License to Carry Classes with "Sight Alignment, Personal Firearms Instruction" at Nocked and Loaded in Lampasas, Texas! The class is only $80!

Sign Up at Nocked & Loaded (306 East Second Street, Lampasas, Texas), or call 707-344-5232 and register.

Call 707-344-5232 for class times .

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